About Essie


"I am motivated to learn and will be able to put myself together; I need a little push to help me get there." ~A student



Virtual Success Coaching founder, Essie Childers, has been teaching for 32

years encouraging and mentoring students to reach their full potential. She

brings a rich knowledge from teaching Learning Frameworks to many first-

time in college and first-generation college students. Every student is unique

and so are their needs. Essie will create a personal academic map for your child

to guide them on their academic journey preparing them to experience success before, during and even beyond college. In addition, Essie will also help navigate your child in choosing a career path. Essie has presented at student success conferences all over the United States on ways to engage and equip students to succeed in the classroom and in a global, diverse society. For more information, connect with Essie on LinkedIn.